3 Exciting Wireless Communication Protocols in 2018

Wireless networks have now become commonplace –thanks to LTE, Bluetooth DAB Radio and Wi-Fi and so on. The communication network protocols, especially the ones designed specifically for use on wireless networks must be able to support the roaming mobile devices. It should also be able to deal with common issues such as network security and variable data.

A communication network protocol defines conventions and rules for communication between different network devices. Communication network protocols include the mechanisms for the devices being used to identify and, or make connections among each other, and also format the rules that specify the way data is packaged into sent and received messages.

Some wireless communication protocols also support the acknowledgement of message and data compression that is designed for high performance and, or reliable network communication.

In more often that note, people refer to Wi-Fi as wireless networking even when the network is using a wireless technology that completely unrelated to Wi-Fi. Of course, it would seem ideal if the al the wireless devices in the world were using just a single common network protocol like Wi-Fi. However, the networks of today support a wide range of different protocols. But why is this the case? Well, among all the protocols that exist today, none of them offers an optimal solution for every wireless usage that people are looking for their Wirefree Smart Home.

Some protocols are optimized to keep or conserve the battery of laptops or any mobile devices used in wireless communication. On the other hand, other protocols are optimized to offer very high speed or longer distance and more reliable connections.  

Best wireless communication protocols

The above explanation is meant to make you understand what wireless communication protocol is most exciting and will be able to meet your wireless communication needs. However, the same explanation can also confuse you even more especially if you are new to wireless communication protocols. For this reason, we have thought it wise to discuss the top 3 wireless communication protocols this year.

Without much ado, here are the top wireless protocols that are extremely useful in business environments and, or consumer devices.

DAB radio

Digital Audio Broadcasting, abbreviated as DAB, is simply a digital radio standard used to broadcast digital audio radio services that are used in the countries within Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Initiated somewhere in the 1980s, the DAB was a research project. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) launched Digital Audio Broadcasting channel on 1 June 1995 in the world. Many other broadcasting services followed suit and launched their DAB. For instance, Swedish Radio and BBC launched their first Digital Audio Broadcasting digital radios broadcasts towards the end of 1995. Today, DAB receivers are available in most countries in the world.

Radio is going digital, and the best wireless communication protocol that every broadcasting services corporation should use.  After all, individuals now prefer listening to frequencies from DAB because digital radio is more exciting in many ways.

DAB has improved features for the users.  Its devices perform band-scans over the whole frequency range. This means that it can present all radio stations from just a single list from which all users can select.

Digital Audio Broadcasting has the ability to carry “radiotext” from the station and this gives the users real-time information such as traffic updates, news updates and music type. If you don’t know what radiotext means, it is simply as Dynamic Label Segment in DAB technology).  

Mesh network used in Home Automation systems

Various wireless communication network protocols are available and they have been created to the current home automation systems that allow the remote control of consumer gadgets, home appliances, and lights. Z-Wave.com and Zigbee are some of the most exciting wireless protocols available today.

These wireless protocols are considered the best because they, together with their associate hardware, support very law data rates, which makes them consumes very low energy that is usually required in any home automation environment. For instance, Z-Wave.com support only 0.25 Mbps data rates while Zigbee supports approximately 0.01 Mbps data rate only.

Of course, such data rates  are very low and not suitable for any general-purpose networking. However, these technologies work very efficiently as interfaces to all consumer gadgets that have limited and simple communication requirements.

Exciting mesh network used in Home Automation systems should avoid any electrical wiring issues. And that’s what Zigbee and Z-Wave.com do. These wireless communication protocols are the new solution for buildings. They allow users to make expansion in their home automation systems. Simply put, you will no longer have to worry about any electrical wiring issues because they will simply be problems of the past.


Bluetooth is among the oldest wireless protocols that are still broadly available. Created in 1990s, Bluetooth was meant to synchronize data between battery-powered devices and phones.  Compared to Wi-Fi and other wireless protocols, the amount of power Bluetooth requires is significantly low. Businesses and people want to connect and stay connected irrespective of wherever they are. This makes a wireless protocol that requires small amount of power the best bet. And that is where Bluetooth beats other wireless protocols.

Bluetooth is a great wireless communication protocol for short distance connections. Precisely, it works excellently when the distance to be covered is 30 feet or less. If you want to cover long distances, then Bluetooth will not be the best option. However, it is excellent, exciting and extremely convenient as compared to other wireless communication protocols.

Bluetooth is an exciting wireless communication protocol because it supports the level of data rates that most individuals and businesses are using in 2018. Precisely, it supports more than 2 Mbps effectively. Another reason Bluetooth is one of the most exciting wireless communication protocols in 2018 is that almost all mobile phones support it.

Another reason Bluetooth is a great wireless communication protocol is that it works very easily. All you need to do is connect two Bluetooth devices to one another by pairing and then press select menu option that you will find on the unit. That way, Bluetooth device will initiate a new connection.